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COVID-19 SPECIAL (keep your pet occupied with this super combo)
DOGS: 1 bag of PFP fresh dehydrated treats, 1 toy, 1 raw frozen meaty bone $30.99
CATS: 1 bag of PFP fresh dehydrated treats, 1 toy $20.99

12lb chicken- $29.99 
12lb beef- $43.99 
12lb chicken/beef blend- $35.99
12lb turkey- $46.99 
12lb goat- $76.99
12lb variety box- $49.99
1lb PFP TRIPE (frozen): $8.99 

1lb chicken - $6.99 
1lb chicken/beef blend- $8.99 
1 lb turkey- $9.99
2 lb chicken-$ 11.99 
2 lb chicken/beef blend- $15.99
2lb chicken- $11.99 
2lb turkey- $16.99

Please check with us as to what we have for treats, as we try and make fresh and different treats weekly! Sweet potato $8.99, all meat treats $10.99: Chicken (hearts), Beef (lung, liver or heart), Pig (ears or heart), Scoutie Snax

PFP SNACK STATION (dehydrated) 
PFP chicken feet $2.99
PFP tartar busters $4.99
PFP beef tendon $4.99-9.99
PFP bully sticks $4.99-12.99
PFP duck neck pieces $1.99
PFP frozen meaty bones $7.99-12.99

DOG KIBBLE (all kibbles below are 5-6lb bags, for larger bags email us for stock)
Petkind: Green Tripe & Red Meat $30.99  Lamb & Lamb Tripe $30.99  Green Beef Tripe $30.99  Green Tripe & Wild Salmon $30.99
Open Farm: Wild Caught Salmon $29.99  Homestead Turkey & Chicken Recipe $29.99 Catch-of-the-day Whitefish Recipe $29.99, and varieties of cat kibble also.
Freeze Dried Raw (13.5oz): Homestead Turkey Recipe $40.99  Harvest Chicken Recipe $40.99 Grass Fed Beef Recipe $40.99
Honest Kitchen Clusters: Beef, Chicken and Turkey recipes $28.99/6lb bag

CAT LITTER: Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter 9kg- $48.99

Once you know what you would like please email including your name, phone number, address, and your order and a representative will get back to you shortly. If you wish to inquire about any additional products, please email us with what you would like in the same manner, and we will get back to you with a price and availability.

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