Taurine and Feline Health

Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for many cellular functions in your feline, most importantly healthy heart muscle function, vision and reproduction. It also assists in forming bile salts that are crucial for digestion.  Deficiencies in taurine can lead to severe heart conditions, blindness and fertility issues. Cats cannot produce sufficient amounts of taurine on their own so it’s added to most cat foods in order to assure they get this vital nutritional component. When raw feeding from Pet Food Platters, taurine is accounted for naturally in the hard working muscles and organs that are included in the fully balanced formulas sold on site. And in addition to the many benefits of raw feeding, essential amino acids such as taurine are better utilized by the body when digested in their natural unprocessed form.

For a fun way to supplement additional taurine into your cats diet, try our in-house cat treats made from freshly dehydrated chicken hearts, lamb hearts & lung and beef lung.  And for those picky cats (a.k.a. all cats lol) we have a free sample station.  All products made on site come from locally sourced, hormone and antibiotic free meats and have been tested by our very own Captain Atlas.

Come by Pet Food Platters today to have one of our educated team members help your pawsome cat live it’s best healthy life.