Out of an abundance of caution and following guidelines from Public Health and also good practice in the business community our store has the following policies for Covid depending on the restrictions in place:


1 (a). Delivery by mail or courier and/or curbside pick up only, if so allowed by public health or government directive.

2 (b). Delivery by mail or courier and in store pick up as well as in store shopping. We may limit the number of customers in store to 2 people.

3 (c). Normal entry and purchasing in store with other safety precautions in place.

Personal Protection

1. All customers are kindly asked to wear personal protective masks while in store and our staff will be sure to have them on as well. Please wear before entry. There may be dogs in store without masks but they maintain social distancing for the most part.

2. We provide hand sanitizer for all patrons that enter the premises, the station is located outside the entry door for your convenience. There are additional hand sanitization stations inside.

3. We've installed a large plexiglass screen at checkout for customer protection.

4. Cashless transactions are preferred but we will accept cash if required.

Store Sanitization

1. All freezer doors and other areas where customers may transmit bacteria, germs or viruses are washed down after each use with sanitizing agent. 


- Pet Food Platters Admin