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Original Bite Box

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An assortment of our most popular mouth watering treats for your special friends. Each box contains various bites, great for training, rewards and mid mealtime snacks.


Please check for additional options for your Bite Box, to choose what is best suited for your dog. 

 ORIGINAL MIX Chicken Heart Bites, Beef Lung Bites, Beef Liver Bites, Pig's Ear, Scoutie Snacks
BEEF MIX Beef Lung Bites, Beef Liver Bites, Beef Heart Bites, Beef Scoutie Snacks
CHICKEN MIX Chicken Heart Bites, Chicken Breast Bites, Chicken Scoutie Snacks
PORK MIX Pig Heart Bites, Pig's Ear, Pork Scoutie Snacks


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